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a collection of short documentaries dedicated to highlighting individuals and their impassioned endeavors.

CityWide is a five-piece band from Philadelphia, PA. Since their forming in early 2019 after discovering a mutual interest in music, they have has since risen in popularity headlining shows at Ortleibs, Milk Boy, and The Fire. Their mix of classic "dad rock" covers and original singles has allowed them to build a loyal fanbase that motivates them to continue performing and creating on a weekly basis.

Just go for it and find your people. Music is a collaborative experience, and sharing it with others makes the effort more fulfilling then without.

Check out their website at

OPAL Studios is a company focused on creating the best in custom furniture and built-ins. Led by Anthony Giganti and Vasily Orlov, their unique attention to detail and craftmanship has allowed them to expand their services to more clients and businesses around the tri-state area.

Through years of perseverance, they have continued to grow in this everchanging market. Their advice is simple: if you really want to do something, do it. Take pride in your work. If you're not happy with something, don't be selling it to somebody because they won't be happy either.

Check out their website @

The Hexagons are a unique group of hip-hop producers that are solely focused on improving their craft and providing the best sounds possible. Only a few years removed from teaming up during the pandemic, this team has found their rhythm.

Their advice is simple: music is an art form, and you need to practice it everyday to make an impact. Being different in this whole game will take you to heights you never thought possible.

Skyler Norbury is an artist and writer with a unique style that captures the world in a nostalgic and chaotic fashion. She believes in being true to yourself when developing your own style, and too never give up in being 100% original. Take your time and stay patient, you will be where your supposed to be if you stay focused on your goals.

Check out her website @

Love Blue Inc. is a group of motivated individuals with one goal in mind: to save and clean the beaches for the big blue. AJ Caruso and Sean Lavender have been working on improving the environment of the Wildwood Crest for three years, and are rapidly expanding to many different parts of the country. What started out as a simple idea has become a wide organization developed through grit and determination.

Check out their website @

Mellow Grove Boards is a skateboard brand that offers the best in skateboard decks and apparel. Their message is simple; anyone can chase their dreams but you have to have a clear passion and mindset to truly accomplish them, which they believe anyone can do.

Check out their website @

The first INSPIRE episode that sparked the rest.

Cody Propa has been skating for around 20 years. He empha
sizes on focusing on activities that make you as happy as possible through life with the least amount of stress. Chase your dream and don't give up; the older you get, the wiser you get in regard to what you want to achieve.

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