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An old mob hit man who still thinks he's in his prime learns the hard way that he's not.

Old mobsters never die, they just fall apart in South Philly.

Written & Directed by: Eric Carosella

Executive Producers: Eric Carosella & Stephen Sorrentino

DP: Eric Carosella
Edited by: Eric Carosella
Assistant Director: Kyle Henley
Sound: Cole Sansom
Hair/Makeup: Julie Dina
Production Personnel: Kyle Henley, Sean Santiago, Mike Meers, Katrina Dunyluk, Cole Sansom

Archival Footage Provided by: The Library of Congress

Symphonies Provided by: Musopen

Original Music:

"You Make Me Cry"
Written by: Stephen Sorrentino
Arranged by: S.F. Sorrentino, Robbie Elfman, John Allegue & Gene Seronin
Performed by: Katy Setterfield

Title Design by: Superkij

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